Managing Mortgage Renewals Amid High Interest Rates In Canada

In 2023, the Canadian economy experienced significant changes in two key economic parameters: inflation and interest rates. On an annual average basis, the consumer price index, which measures inflation rates, increased by 3.9%. The CPI started its upward trajectory during the pandemic, with 2022 experiencing a 40-year high inflation increase of 6.8%. These factors will likely have […]

Why Mortgage Relief Is Looking Unlikely For Canadians In The Short Term

The Bank of Canada held the overnight lending rate at 5% at its October 25 meeting. Previously, the policy rate increased from 4.25% to 4.5% in January and was held at this rate until the decisions to increase the rate by 25 basis points consecutively in June and July. Meanwhile, inflation increases have ebbed and flowed recently. […]

What Business Owners Should Understand About Their Mortgage Lender Options

Changes in customer behavior, maintaining an efficient supply chain and enduring through lockdowns and government restrictions are only a few of the challenges that business owners have to deal with to financially thrive. The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses has reported that nearly 239,000 businesses are at risk of permanently closing due to the impacts of Covid-19. […]

What's New in the Market? May 2021 - An Infographic

Market Update - May 2021 What is in store for the residential market in 2021? Many have been investing in the housing market leading to an increase in sales within the community. Take a look at the following infographics to learn more about the recent ongoings in the housing market.   If you wish to […]

B Lending: Preparing for Success

Regulations governing borrowing are likely to get more stringent. Updates on the stress test have been paused and there’s little information yet on when new regulations will be announced. It’s best to be prepared for more tightening of the B-20 and the way to do that is to have a deeper understanding of the alternative […]

Analysis of Housing Incentives in the 2019 Canada Budget

The 2019 Federal Budget is aiming to favour First Time Home Home Buyers and the lower income segment with no incentive for purchasers of higher valued properties. However, is that really the case? Let's see what those incentives are and discuss them in detail. Incentive #1 The first incentive, increases the limit of the RRSP […]

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